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What Rules...?!?!?

All bluegrass pickers are welcome to take part in the Lone Hiclory Bluegrass Jam Session.

There are no "Offical Rules" or requirements for participation - but good ol' common sense and a little courtesy will go a long way! We do not tolerate the use of alcohol on the premises - so if that's the kind of entertainment you are are seeking - look elsewhere. We want it to be a place were kids could come with their parents if they like...

The Steelmans are kind enough to provide the place to congregrate at no charge. Snacks and refreshments - including homemade desserts - are available and a donation jar for soft drinks sits by the refrigerator. Please consider leaving a donation (on the honor system) to help offset the cost of the drinks and the electric bill! . . . let's pick!
For those that have never participated in a jam and don't know what to expect - read the articles below!
An excellent article by Tom Barnwell which appeared in Bluegrass Unlimted a few years ago.
Copyright 1999 Tom Barnwell and Bluegrass Unlimited
Used by Permission.
Edward I. Pollak, Ph.D.